writing2Join best selling, award winning author Alexandra Shimo on a journey into the craft and process of great writing. This course is devoted to those who are looking to hone their craft and expand their audience. By looking at what sells and how to sell your story, this course is designed to take your writing to the next level. Weekly lessons will focus technique and industry tips, and how to market yourself and your work. Course readings, exercises and instruction will focus on how to turn works-in-progress into publishable stories.

Alexandra ShimoBA, MSc

Alexandra Shimo is an avid motorcyclist-cum-sword fighter who plans to become Inigo Montoya before she dies. In the meantime, she has worked as an editor at Maclean’s magazine, and now writes books and articles for publications around the world, including the London Independent, Maclean’s, Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail. An award-winning journalist, she is the co-author of Up Ghost River: A Chief’s Journey Through the Turbulent Waters of Native History (Knopf, 2014, published in Canada, UK, and US). The book was one of the best books of 2014 for the CBC, Hill Times and Quill and Quire. It was a 2014 finalist for the Governor General’s award in nonfiction and became a Globe and Mail best seller. Her first book, The Environment Equation, was published in twelve countries.

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